Our Cuisine

Opened in the heart of Capitol Hill in 2009, at Poquitos we strive to present authentic Mexican cuisine prepared with ingredients that are the best of both worlds - outstanding local sourcing for our meats and produce; unique and direct sourcing for items essential to honoring the culinary traditions of Mexico.

Our menu features fresh guacamole, seasonal margaritas, lager-braised pork carnitas, coastal ceviche, and much more.

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Our Design

James Weimann and Deming Maclise began collecting light fixtures and other design elements for Poquitos prior to the opening of Bastille, their Parisian-inspired restaurant in Ballard, in 2009. Keeping the Spanish colonial influence on Mexican design in mind, they traveled to Puebla and Mexico City in search of additional pieces for Poquitos interior, not the least of which were the over 15,000 handmade Talavera tiles that line the walls and kitchen. With an eye for composition and lighting, James and Deming brought together the collection of fixtures, metal and wood work, tile, and original construction to create a truly unique space in Seattle followed by the second location in Bothell.


Our sign, the inspiration for naming the restaurant “Poquitos”, was salvaged in South Seattle and originally hung outside of a Mexican restaurant on Greenwood Avenue through the early 80’s. The proprietor, pictured on the sign, was known for strolling through the restaurant, serenading his guests and playing guitar as he went. The restaurant also gained notoriety for the tree that grew up through the middle of the dining room.


Operating Owners

Rich & Courtney and Matt & Dustin, close friends and all longtime restaurant managers & bartenders, were able to fulfill a dream of opening a restaurant together with the creation of Poquitos. Since opening Poquitos in 2011 they have gone on to open three Rhein Haus locations in Seattle, Denver, and Tacoma; Macleod's Scottish Pub with partner Alan Macleod; and most recently CTO located within Beer Star in White Center. 

James Weimann & Deming Maclise


Each with their own separate ventures, James and Deming first partnered to open Bastille in 2009, a Parisian-inspired restaurant in Ballard. The success of that opening solidified their partnership, and the subsequent development of JWD4 Design, a consulting partnership that specializes on the design, layout and atmosphere development for restaurants, cafés, hotels, bars and breweries. The opening of Poquitos was borne from their collective desire to offer authentic presentations of Mexican cuisine in a space designed with the Spanish colonial aesthetics of Mexico in mind. Together with their business partners, they have gone on to open Macleod’s Fish & Chips and Scottish Pub, three Rhein Haus locations, Stoneburner, and Beer Star. 

Manny Arce

Executive Chef

Manny, a native of Southern California, is well-versed in Mexican cuisine and completed culinary internships in both Spain and Italy before coming to Seattle. He’s spent time in the kitchen at Union, La Spiga, and Bastille. He oversees Edgar's Cantina by Poquitos at Safeco Field and most recently opened Chinese Takeout (CTO) with Rich, Courtney, Dustin, and Matt.


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