bothell Reservations

Party of 10 or fewer?

Please use OpenTable to make your reservation. Or if you'd prefer, you can call the restaurant directly. If you are looking for Poquitos in Capitol Hill please visit


  •  Free Street Parking is available alongside Bothell Way NE and NE 185th Street.
  •  Limited Free Parking available in the Parking Garage of the Junction Bothell apartment building. Entrance to the Junction Parking Garage is just west of Poquitos on NE 185th Street. Please adhere to posted parking hour restrictions. 
  •  100+ Free Parking Spots in the City Hall Parking Garage - east from Poquitos, across Bothell Way NE on NE 185th.

Party of more than 10?

Please use the form below

Please fill out the below form completely to submit a reservation request. We do our best to accommodate all requests but we cannot guarantee any reservation until we have the opportunity to review all the details.